Mission + History

For over 30 years we have been seeking to alleviate the problems of the homeless, Vincent House provides shelter, care, advocacy, affordable housing and supportive services for homeless families


With a trust in God’s Love and Generosity, we eliminate the generational cycle of homelessness one family at a time.


We provide homeless families a long-term continuum of care, training, and resources with empathy, dignity, and accountability.


Vincent Village has been serving the needs of homeless families with children since December 1989. Since that time, Vincent Village has provided shelter and supportive services to over 700 homeless families with children. Vincent Village is the only facility in Fort Wayne providing transitional housing for two-parent families with children and single female and single male-headed households with children.

Agency Historical Achievements

  • In 1988 a group of community leaders including leaders from multiple religious denominations came together to come up with a plan to serve homeless families in Ft. Wayne. Bishop John Darcy of the Ft. Wayne South Bend Diocese quickly identified property on the campus of the St. Hyacinth Church, specifically the old convent that was not being used and could be converted into a shelter for homeless families. In 1989 Vincent House opened its doors as the first transitional shelter for families in Ft. Wayne and Allen County.
  • In 1992 Vincent House joined with Ft. Wayne Community Schools in forming a collaborative effort to ensure homeless children were receiving educational services and that there was a seamless and uninterrupted during the crisis of homelessness. Educational program enhancements included transportation to their home school, after school tutoring, and additional services and referrals to meet the needs of them and their families.
  • In 1996 Vincent House began developing affordable housing for working families that leave the Vincent House and other transitional shelters in Ft. Wayne. With funding from the City of Ft. Wayne, The Foellinger Foundation, Lincoln National Foundation, Indiana Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credits, the Home Builders Association, the Tippmann Group and St. Elizabeth Seton Church, Vincent Village now has 33 affordable program homes in the neighborhood.
  • In 1999, the St. Hyacinth Center opened as a Community Center which included child care, literacy programs facilitated by the Ft. Wayne Literacy Alliance, Erin’s House for Grieving Children and Park Center’s 2 Wishes mental health program.
  • In 2006 Vincent House became a Community Housing Development Organization in order to help secure government funding for needed home rehab projects.
  • In 2008 Vincent House formally became Vincent Village to best represent its larger scope of neighborhood services with providing both transitional shelter and permanent housing.
  • In 2011 the Vincent House Shelter completed an interior make over and the connection of the Youth Services House to the shelter facility.
  • In 2013, Vincent Village began the HOME Academy to offer more comprehensive services and education to families.