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We have some urgent needs:

  • Towels (we don't have one towel left for new families!)
  • Twin Sheet sets
  • Pillows


Family. Hope. Community.

Seeking to alleviate the problems of the homeless, Vincent Village provides shelter, care, advocacy, affordable housing and supportive services for homeless families as these families build strength and strive to become independent, productive members of the community. Rooted in a belief in God, Vincent Village seeks to affirm the dignity of life for all served.

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House Upgrade

Vincent Village has a CHDO (which is the shorter way of saying Community Housing Development Organization, and is pronounced "chodo").  Several years ago, the city provided approval for us to renovate a house on Bowser Avenue, one block away from our Community Center and Shelter.  Unfortunately, the structural…

Creative Strategies Mean Finding A Way. We Did It!

Check out the issue of the scheduling of low wage workers raised in the Shriver Report. Just check this out: Public childcare is, like public education, an investment in the future of the country. By providing children with high quality early education and care, we ensure that they are starting…

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